The Wiggles Lullabies with Love Audio CD

The Wiggles Lullabies with Love Audio CD

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Track Listing:


1.) Lullabies with Love

2.) Dancing with our wiggly friends

3.) Take the Baby for a walk

4.) Sleep Little Baby

5.) The Dancing Hands Dance

6.) Take a trip out to the Sea

7.) Gently down the Stream

8.) Are you sleeping?

9.) Captain's Sleeping Advice

10.) Sovevu

11.) They Say Scrumptious!

12.) Do the Wiggle Groove

13.) Little Grey Dove

14.) Kookaburra Burra, Happy as Can be

15.) Ding, ding

16.) Busy, busy so much to do

17.) Googy, googy Baby Dorothy

18.) Yawning, Good Morning!

19.) Dorothy the Dinosaur

20.) Once upon a time, there was a baby dinosaur

21.) The Twins song - Double Happy!